Apple Rejects Laptop-tablet Hybrids

by Rose Adams Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has rejected the idea of making a iPad/Macbook Air hybrid product as it would “wind up compromising” both. This view is contrary to that of rivals Asus who are already marketing their Transformer series and Intel have also expressed interest in the idea. Mr Cook said in an interview with Seeking Alpha: Anything can be forced to converge. But the problem is that products are about trade-offs, and you begin to make trade-offs to the point where what you have left at the end of the day doesn’t please anyone. You can … Continue reading Apple Rejects Laptop-tablet Hybrids

New processor to enable ‘net capable appliances

by James Meikle Semiconductor research and design company Arm Holdings has just released details of its latest innovation: the world’s most energy efficient microprocessor design. They hope that these new chips will lead to a technology revolution and pave the way for a generation of internet enabled appliances from traffic lights to fridges and stethoscopes to light switches. The new Cortex-M0+ chips (codenamed: flycatcher) are tiny; measuring less than 1mm squared, but still allow 32-bit processing power meaning they could handle much more sophisticated tasks than their predecessor; the Cortex-M0. They also use only two thirds of the power when … Continue reading New processor to enable ‘net capable appliances

How to identify phishing emails

by Igor Termenon Phishing emails have become popular during the past few years. The term phishing is used for defining a type of crime based on email messages that are designed to steal your identity. These messages claim to be from a company you trust, most of them say they come from organisations like eBay, PayPal or the most common banks. These emails have often the same aspect as the ones you receive, for example, from your real bank. The criminals use the same logos, colours and design so these messages look like a legitimate email marketing message. They ask … Continue reading How to identify phishing emails

Le web to be available in the Channel Tunnel before Olympics open

by Rose Adams Passengers on the Eurostar are set to enjoy a seamless internet browsing experience thanks to a deal between Eurotunnel and French telecom operators to install 2G and 3G networks. To begin with, only travellers coming from France into Britain will be able to use the service. Operators Bouygues Telecom, Orange SFR and Free have agreed a deal with the French government and Eurotunnel for the €14 Million installation, which should be completed before the London Olympic Games. Those taking the London to Paris, or London to Amsterdam trains will not be equipped for internet browsing until after … Continue reading Le web to be available in the Channel Tunnel before Olympics open

The broadband phenomenon

by Lisa Brigham Every now and again there is an invention or movement that catches on and stays well on top of ever changing trends for longer than its contemporaries. Looking back I remember logging on to my first PC and spending well over an a month just marveling at simple interactive software like paint programs and virtual card games. Years later and I am finally giving up my capped, slow and musty account and giving into the pressure of having a ‘super fast Internet connection’. I’m looking to purchase my very own broadband connection and that familiar sensation from … Continue reading The broadband phenomenon

Research In Motion co-CEO’s resign

by Mhairi Steele Blackberry maker Research In Motion’s co- CEO’s have announced they will BOTH be stepping down in an attempt to re-think the companies strategy. Following growing speculation of a company shake-up, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis are resigning. They will be replaced by former Chief Operating Officer Thorsten Heins. Heins is a former Siemens executive who joined the company in 2007 and has been coming up through the ranks ever since he started. The company has been struggling in a difficult market and was in need of a change. Mike Lazaridis, founder of RIM, has said: “There comes … Continue reading Research In Motion co-CEO’s resign

Getting to grips with networks

by Lisa Brigham Networks are something we make use of every day but very few people know exactly how they work or how they can be used for personal or business use. Today I’m peeling back the layers and helping you get to grips with networks… Networks Watch this video below to help you understand networks and how they function along with various elements and operating systems and how they contribute to a network. Given the fact that most people are setting up their own networks to run home businesses now, effective network management is a must. Understanding networks Networks … Continue reading Getting to grips with networks

How to keep your online bank account secure

by Igor Termenon Although your bank has an obligation to safeguard all your personal financial details, there are constant security threats that can affect your bank account. Online banking is convenient and can save a lot of time in your transactions, on the other hand, illegal access to bank accounts is one of the fastest growing crimes nowadays. As a costumer, most of the responsibility for keeping your account safe relies on you, so take a look at this little guide and discover how you can protect yourself from online banking fraud. 1.Log in to your account on a regular … Continue reading How to keep your online bank account secure

SOPA – What’s the big deal?!

by Emma Dunn So I comes into work this morning, and I find a strange thing has happened to the internet. Some of my favourite sites, like Reddit and Wikipedia, have gone down. But this isn’t a technical glitch – this is a form of protest that we have never seen before online. It turns out that the people behind these sites are protesting about American bills SOPA and PIPA. Now these bits of legislation had been drifting at the edges of my radar for a while, but because it was an American issue, I never really paid them much … Continue reading SOPA – What’s the big deal?!