Samsung has released their new ‘Ultrabook’

by Mhairi Steele

Samsung have released Series 5 Ultra, their new ultrabook.

An ultrabook, for those who don’t know, comes between lightweight laptops and tablet. They offer more power than the netbook with faster processors and additional RAM, better storage and larger screens.

The ultrabook, features a 14-inch screen and an optical disc drive- the first for an extra thin, portable computer. The new model comes with hard disk storage; up to 1 TB, HDMI and Ethernet ports and weighs 1.8kg (actually quite heavy for an ultrabook which usually weigh 1.5 kg). There is a smaller version available. It is a 13-inch but it comes without the optical disc drive and help the storage but it still comes with the same ports.

The full specifications can be found on the Ultrabook News site.

The new portable computer will be available in Korea in late December for $1150, but International dates and prices are not currently available. We will keep you up-to-date when the ultrabook is ready for release in the UK.

What do you think about the new ultrabook? Are you looking at buying one? Let us know.

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