Apple Patents wireless induction charger for iPods

by Debbie Clarke

Apple have filed a Patent for a new idea for an induction charger to be used with their iPod and iPhone devices. An induction charger uses an electromagnetic field to charge batteries without the need for connection via wires or metal contact points, this works by inducing a current in a coil.

This technology is commonly seen used in chargers for electric toothbrushes, but the patent Apple have filed has a difference. The Patent is entitled “Using an audio cable as an inductive charging coil” and quite simply the idea involves using the earphones which come with the device as a coil to create the required charge. The Register explains how the device works by wrapping the earphones around an electromagnetically charged vertical core to create a receiving coil.

This idea in theory removes the need for a receiving coil to be incorporated inside the device being charged, therefore saving space within the device. The technology is not expected to be compatible with any current products but Apple are expected to release the iPhone five in October which will incorporate a number of new features.

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