Le web to be available in the Channel Tunnel before Olympics open

by Rose Adams

Passengers on the Eurostar are set to enjoy a seamless internet browsing experience thanks to a deal between Eurotunnel and French telecom operators to install 2G and 3G networks.

To begin with, only travellers coming from France into Britain will be able to use the service. Operators Bouygues Telecom, Orange SFR and Free have agreed a deal with the French government and Eurotunnel for the €14 Million installation, which should be completed before the London Olympic Games.

Those taking the London to Paris, or London to Amsterdam trains will not be equipped for internet browsing until after the summer, so passengers leaving the UK will still have a break in their connectivity as they pass through the tunnel.

Some people like to have a break from the internet whilst travelling, they like to get away from emails, Facebook, etc. for a time so for those people, this might not be so popular. However, as we continue to rely on being connected to the internet more and more, business travellers in particular will no doubt appreciate an uninterrupted wifi service.

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