The broadband phenomenon

by Lisa Brigham

Every now and again there is an invention or movement that catches on and stays well on top of ever changing trends for longer than its contemporaries. Looking back I remember logging on to my first PC and spending well over an a month just marveling at simple interactive software like paint programs and virtual card games.

Years later and I am finally giving up my capped, slow and musty account and giving into the pressure of having a ‘super fast Internet connection’. I’m looking to purchase my very own broadband connection and that familiar sensation from using a computer for the first time all those years ago comes rushing back; but why?

Giving way to this phenomenon that people ‘just cant live without’, I’m looking at broadband. The reasons for it’s popularity and the areas within everyday life it has changed dramatically…

Where did broadband come from and what is it?

Broadband is a form of Internet connection which differs to other forms of connections by possessing high bandwidth capability. This means that information can be sent much quicker to and from your computer’s modem; meaning the ‘load’ button you see when you open up a new page on line won’t be there that long, probably not even long enough for you to realize it’s loading.

According to, the demand for a new form of Internet connection, now known as broadband, was in demand long before it emerged at the start of the new millennium:

“When the Internet first came out, the dial- up modems linked to personal telephones were utilized to obtain Internet access.The Internet access through dial-ups was very slow. It was really in the 90′s that Internet use actually took off. And as technology become more modern and advanced, the broadband Internet was developed and has gained popularity. Then, it became the most preferred way of accessing the Internet. “

If you want to better understand the difference between broadband and dial up, watch the video below for a great explanation.

Why is broadband so popular?

Broadband has introduced an evolved web experience and we now have super fast connections that allows us to do anything we want on line without having to wait a moment for the thoughts to go from our heads to our keyboards and into ‘the matrix’.

The reason for it’s popularity is the range it gives a web user to consume information, most identifiable in two areas:

Cost effectiveness: Getting a phone and broadband package is cheaper than you may think and one of the reasons for it’s popularity. Packages like this normally mean you know exactly how much you’re spending as opposed to limited speed and capacity of previous connections that prevent you getting your money’s worth. You can also make ‘old fashion phone calls’ at special rates while exploring the web at the same time.
Time and capacity: you can now do a variety of things all at once, depending how fast you can keep up with the speed of your connection and work between tabs on your Internet browser. This connection has gained popularity because it makes people more productive with their time, allowing them to balance work with personal life. You can now make on line payments instead of spending time standing in line in the bank and you can send custom found birthday gifts from shopping websites with great deals on hand, rather than waste a morning away blindly crawling through the local mall for the ultimate gift.

How as broadband changed every day life?

Love: According to a recent study, more single people are looking to find love on line than ever before. Broadband allows you to stay on line all day, checking back to see your messages on on line dating sites and have a cheeky snoop around a few profiles you are VERY interested in.

People now have to be warier about how they date and here are a few common tips that people are now following to ensure they quick date isn’t a terrible one.

If you venture on to on line dating then perhaps you should follow these tips from Love, by broadband:

Before you start online dating, make sure your computer is secure and you’ve picked strong passwords – please don’t use your birthday, a pet’s name, your mother’s maiden name or any passwords you’ve used to protect your online banking, shopping or email accounts.
Don’t give out your personal details too quickly. While you’re building up trust, don’t give out your telephone number, mobile number, address, instant messenger or Facebook details, as con-men could use these to steal your identity or even to find and burgle your home.
Be wary of clicking on URLs that potential dates might send you – fraudsters sometimes use fake URLs to phish for data which they can then use for identity fraud.
Work: More than any other arenas, the main sections of business that have been affected by brandband is undoubtedly expansion and Human Resourcing Departments:

“Businesses need broadband to compete on a global level, and seek out high speed broadband access when choosing to grow their business. When it comes to finding jobs, or applying for jobs, broadband Internet access is essential. The FCC recently estimated that 80% of Fortune 500 companies only advertised for positions on line. High speed access accelerates business development, and provides new opportunities for innovation, expansion, and e-commerce.”

Lifestyle: In terms of lifestyle changes brought about by broadband, the extreme shortening of distance and time have changed dramatically given the way high speed Internet can assist us in communicating at any time, in virtually any setting. This has allowed us to:

Have high definition, virtual face-to-face conversations with our friends over IM free call software programs from all the way across the world
Shop for groceries on line before we go to sleep and have them delivered to our door within 24 hours
Communicate over a variety of social networking sites while having consistent access to the latest news and information making us more up to date than ever
When I get my broadband connection it’s now going to be that much sweeter knowing why it’s so talked about. The broadband phenomenon is quite justified given the reasons for its popularity and way it’s changed our everyday lives. Tell us how you use your broadband or how it’s changed your everyday lifestyle in the comment box below!

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