Getting to grips with networks

by Lisa Brigham

Networks are something we make use of every day but very few people know exactly how they work or how they can be used for personal or business use. Today I’m peeling back the layers and helping you get to grips with networks…


Watch this video below to help you understand networks and how they function along with various elements and operating systems and how they contribute to a network. Given the fact that most people are setting up their own networks to run home businesses now, effective network management is a must.

Understanding networks

Networks are made up of various components that can change the way a network functions or which can be customized for a certain set of needs. This flip book below will cover:

What are networks?
What type of networks are there?
What characterizes one network from another?
How are networks used?
What components are needed for a network?

If you have any more questions about networks let us know! Or tell us: how do you use your network if you have one?

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