The Future of Live Football on TV?

by Tim Chow

The development of the TV has continued to offer a more realistic picture. Whether it’s high definition or 3D, we are being pushed into not only watching, but being right in the thick of the action. The next development could give you free reign to choose how you want to watch the beautiful game on your TV.

Technicolor showcased its Personalised Content Rendering technology at CES 2012. Using a football match they create a panoramic view using six cameras to stitch together the picture. Using motion sensors like the Xbox Kinect, it can track your eye and head movements to move the camera. But due to the passing crowd at the convention, the sensors failed to track correctly and had to resort to using a trackball instead. Not quite the same I’ll think you’ll agree.

The video still impresses, though, with its limitless view as if you were sitting in the stadium. As the video shows, you can zoom and follow players if you want. They hope to release it in the next couple of years.

If Technicolor could combine it with 3D, they could really be going somewhere with this, but as it is I do have some reservations.

There’s something relaxing about just sitting and watching, letting the camera guide you where you need to look. Having to move a trackball for 90 minutes doesn’t sound appealing, especially if the sensors don’t work. Is this really a substitute for not attending a game? I don’t think so. You don’t get the same atmosphere or the buzz that a match gives you.

Could this technology be applied elsewhere? Perhaps in the Arts, like an orchestra or theatre performance? Either way, it’s a work in progress; no doubt the first iteration of a feasible technology. for now though, I think there’s a certain novelty value to this and it could get boring very quickly.

Is this the future of live TV events like concerts or sports? Is there a need for this kind of technology? Tell us in the comments section below.

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