YouTube Kings and Queens

by Katelyn Chisholm

I love YouTube.

Not just for its adorable cat videos or hilarious fails that millions of viewers flock to the site for. It’s an innovative and developing video content and sharing platform it has developed into.

The video-sharing site aims not only to show you those hilarious cat videos, but they aim to develop strong and relevant content online. The YouTube Partner Program is a development and revenue program which YouTubers can apply to join. The goal is to have partners who will create new and engaging content for the website and allow YouTube to play ads before their videos and help to develop their channel to its highest potential. You Tubers generate income and receive a portion of the earnings.

Consider these three YouTube kings and queens. These three examples are three among hundreds of quality content development and viewer engagement success stories, none of which had any background in media before they started their vlogging ventures. They have now joined the YouTube ranks and offer viewers engaging content on a regular basis and found sweet success in doing it.

Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan was a young oil painter when she discovered that she could take her skills as a painter and use them in make-up. She’s a self-taught make-up artist and she’s incorporated her painting skills with make-up application to master techniques and create new looks. She started working as a make-up artist to help with the family finances when she discovered the wider audience she could find onilne. Her voiced-over tutorials on YouTube immediately sparked attention, likes and subscribers. She has over one million subscribers and is now sponsored by Lancôme, a high-end make up brand. She continues to create a brand for herself and has expanded her online community to include fashion and hair with collaborations from other YouTubers.

Charles Trippy

Charles Trippy and his girlfriend, Alli Speed, decided one day to make one vlog every day for an entire year. The pair, aka The Internet Killed Television, became very comfortable with having a camera in their life and it soon became second nature. The journey of their first year took them through several adventures, including Trippy’s proposal to Speed in Spain. Three years later, the pair were married in front of dozens of close friends and vloggers, an event dubbed “A YouTube Royal Wedding ?.

In this video of wedding highlights from fellow vlogger Nalts, you can see the wedding riddled with iPhones, cameras and Flipcams of other vloggers, vlogging each other.

Shay Carl

A few short years ago and thousands of dollars in debt, Shay Carl and his wife Katilette (YouTube monikers), bought their first computer. It was then that Shay Carl discovered YouTube. After watching video after video and inspired by the dedication of Charles Trippy, Shay embarked on his own one-vlog-a-day journey for the entire 29th year of his life. 3 years running, the self-titled “Shaytards ? (in reference to an early video of Shay wearing his wife’s unitard) have been posting a video daily for thousands of subscribers. The family of 5 with three young children captured the hearts of viewers all over the world. Their youngest son and 6th family member, has spent his entire 1.5 years on YouTube, from the video of his birth to the present day.

The Shaytards have branched out over a handful of channels, paid off their debt, became YouTube Partners and are partners in Maker Studios: a production company formed with the sole purpose of creating high quality content for online platforms like YouTube. Shaytards videos are still out daily.

Nice Peter, of Rap Battles of History fame, wrote this lovely tribute to the Shaytards family

Who are your favourite Youtube kings and queens? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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