Blackmail yourself into keeping your New Year’s resolution

by Tim Chow

It’s that time of the year again when we make New Year’s resolutions such as losing weight, quit smoking or just being more awesome. Let’s be honest, most are forgotten about before February begins. But what happens when you’re forced to see them through, say someone was to blackmail you? This someone could be you.

Aherk! is designed to give you that extra push that you need to achieve your resolution. The first step is to set a goal and deadline as normal. But you’ll no longer be able to give up easily on this goal; if you do be prepared to face the consequences. The next step makes you upload a photo that you’d rather keep out of the public domain.

Should you fail to make the target, this photo is released on your Facebook profile. High stakes indeed! There’s no way to back out either. You can’t cancel the goal or change the photo. Think of this as a ticking time bomb with the end result being a red face and ridicule for who knows how long. Need more motivation?

That’s not all. The website won’t be the judge of success or failure. Your Facebook contacts will.

This should come with a disclaimer of some sort I think. The system is open to abuse as it really depends on how nice your friends or family are. I know if I were to do this, no one would say I achieved the goal just to see an embarrassing picture! Use this at your own risk…

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