Android app updates

by Andrew Moir

The thing about technology is that it just never stops. Once you have one thing you find that pretty soon another has come along and superseded it. From new phones getting bigger screens, better cameras and more memory to TVs getting wider and more 3D it’s virtually impossible to be a technophile for any length of time without putting a serious dent in your wallet.

Luckily software is a little kinder in that department and constantly updates in the background without you even noticing. But perhaps you want to know what’s being updated so here are some of Android apps that have been quietly improving while you wondered why your web connection was running so slow.

This popular cloud sharing app offers users 50GB of storage space updated to a new 1.5 version. It features a new widget that allows you to see any changes that are being made to files as they happen. Now wherever you can open a file you can also upload files without having to open Box so it’s pretty useful if you are looking at an email attachment.

This versatile app is at home on your desktop, through your or on your iPhone. While many may think it simply offers Android video chat via the web there is also the option of calling an ordinary phone with credits as well as sending text messages.
SwiftKey X
There are a whole range of third party keyboards available for Android and this one, which supports 35 languages, is the choice of those in the know. Version 2.2 has fixed a whole range of bugs as well as some improvements. It has improved memory management to help with speed and improved voice input for Droid Bionic.

Recently upgraded to 3.2 version this group messaging service should grow in popularity over the coming year. You can chat within the app as well as sending conventional texts to normal phones. There’s also a social aspect with the ability to share individual messages and like your favourites too.

Have there been any updates to apps that you’ve liked? Have some lost good features due to updates? Tell us about it in the comments section below

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