Invoked Computing = Banana Phones

by Liam McClure

As we move into 2012 there are so many new and developing technologies bouncing around that it could make your head spin. Invoked computing really caught our eye though as the possibility of turning everyday objects into laptops and phones could have a huge impact on not only the technology market but also the way in which we relate to objects.

Invoked computing has been developed by Alvaro Cassinelli and Alexis Zerroug at the University of Tokyo and it is more than just projecting a computer screen onto inanimate objects. It is hoped that it will place function onto everyday objects. You can take a look at the first test of it in the video below.

More than just adding functionality it is Alvaro Cassinelli and Alexis Zerroug hopes that this tech will be able to re-animate old or broken items such as computers and increase their life span. They believe that the computer should be able to learn human gestures so that it can activate what you want.

This might not be very clear but to give a better breakdown have a look at the video below.

If this technology develops then it could change the way in which we view and interact with our surroundings which would have a massive impact on our day to day lives. It would also have a massive impact on the consumer market too. No longer would we need to buy the latest Iphone or Laptop we would be able to use a pizza box or a banana to carry out the same function. So perhaps having the newest product is not the best way forward but having something that will enable the longevity of items that may otherwise seem obsolete in the online world might be the best way forward.

What do you think of invoked computing? Do you think that it could be the future technology that will really change our world as we know it? Please let us know in the comments.

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