Royal Wedding is Top Search Term of 2011

by Jenna Mc

So what was the topic most of us wanted to find out about . . . was it about the Eurozone crisis or the Libyan civil war? Erm…no. Most of us wanted the latest info on the Royal wedding.

Fair play, we did get a bank holiday for the occasion.

Next up was the “What is” list. So what were people searching for here? Was it, “what is the meaning of life?”, “what is an acceptable amount of consumer debt?”, or “what is the government’s manifesto?” Wrong again! It was “what is scampi?”. . .


Yes apparently the nation has had a burning desire to find out what scampi is this year. I won’t lie; I don’t know what kind of fish it is either. But more importantly I don’t care, it tastes decent and that’s all you need to know.

But have faith in our nation because topping the “how to” list was “how to revise”. It’s lovely to know the youth of today are still working hard to obtain those important qualifications to make sure they’re one of the few that might actually get a job at the end of their education, if they’re lucky.

I also felt slightly sad when I heard that a lot of us Googling “How to snog” . . .the less I say about that the better.

So after ripping apart the nation’s search terms, let me tell you what I hope for on next year’s list!

How to solve world hunger
How to create world peace
What is Apple iHome?
What is Apple iCar?
Who invented worldwide free wifi with no bad signal areas?
What day did aliens make contact with humans?
How did Jenna solve the world economic crisis?

So what do you think of my list, realistic much?

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