The Future Is Going To Be Great!

I am excited. Every time I have a dig around on the Internet I come across an exciting tech development that makes me wish that I could jump to the future when the product is actually available and doesn’t cost a small fortune to own. Todays bit of tech that got me drooling is from Samsung.

Now, flexible video screens have been done before but this is one that I feel really looks towards the future and how we will be wanting to communicate. So that got me thinking about other ways in which we will want to work and communicate in the future and what will the technology be like.

Another clip I love is the Nokia Morph concept video. We’ve blogged about the Morph concept before, but’s so cool it’s worth a second mention. The clip below is the short version, check out the full post for a long version.

This video is looking at the way that we will interact with future technology, this to me is beginning to get a little bit crazy, the thought that we wont be sitting at a desk with monitor and keyboard is hard to comprehend but who knows this could be the norm in the future.

The next video has gone in another direction. Rather than removing the desk and having everything floating this makes the desk your communication tool. This is obviously an early prototype but I think that this will be an interesting technology to watch as I think it has a lot of potential.

You might be thinking that all this flexi-nano-touch majiggery is some kind of sorcery but sometimes reality is stranger than fiction with a look at technology that already exists.

So will nano technology be in all of our technological thoughts for the future? Well this video suggests what could happen in the future. It is interesting to think about but also a little bit terrifying at the same time.

This is just a round up of what could be the future I am sure that there will already be new ideas and developments occurring all the time. And who knows there may all ready be developments that we have not even conceived yet.

What would you like to see in future technology? Is there a product or service that you feel will change drastically in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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