NAO Next Gen- The real life Wall-E

by Mhairi Steele

Aldebaran Robotics, leader in humanoid robotics, have released their latest creation; NAO Next Gen.

The new release from Aldebaran is designed to move like a human! It is a good looking little robot and comes with a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom chip, powerful enough to handle two HD video streams for better facial recognition!

NAO Next Gen has an improved walking rhythm which allows it to walk quicker and an improved algorithm allows it to fall over safely and then pick itself back up.

The little robot has Nuance voice recognition software and can perform ‘word spotting’ where it can respond to certain key words within a larger sentence.

The robot was created to help serve organisations that care and teach autistic children who lose their autonomy. But they can be used by anyone, anywhere and 2000 robots have already been sold and are being used in labs (mashable).

See the full information on the robot on Aldebaran’s press release and this video shows what it can do:

The below video, I think, is brilliant as it shows the NAOclimbing a ladder! A difficult task for robots:

And for a bit of fun, The NAO robots doing Single Ladies:

And Thriller:

So what do you think about the robots? Want one? We certainly do!

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