WARNING: Words with Friends can affect your mind! Possibly.

by Jenna Mc

Well I hate to say I told you so, but . . . I told you so!

Yes I tried to warn you all about how addictive my beloved Words with Friends app was but nobody took my warnings on board and now Alec Baldwin has gone and got himself chucked off a flight over it!

The actor hit the headlines this week after refusing to stop playing the Scrabble-like Words with Friends app on his mobile phone on an American Airline’s flight, which resulted in major delays for the flight and Alec getting booted off! The actor claims that he was singled out by one of the flight attendants who tried to “make an example of him”. However the airline released a statement via their Facebook which described the actor’s behaviour as “violent, abusive and aggressive”. He was also said to have locked himself in the airline toilets to get peace and quiet, and continue playing his game.

Baldwin tweeted about being chucked off the plane just after it happened, but has since deactivated his Twitter account. The game’s maker Zynga, has also made the most of the commotion by starting a Twitter campaign, #letAlecPlay, and has also released an “official statement” in the way of a Words with Friends game board spelling out the same message, along with a scoreboard showing; A Baldwin 1, American Air 0.

So now are you all going to take me seriously? An addiction to Words with Friends is a SERIOUS! It can have detrimental effects to addicts’ health!

Something must be done now! A rehab centre needs to be set up to help addicts let go of their letters, stop them thinking about triple word points and help them get back to the real world. You mark by words, if we don’t act now, then the disease may spread. Who is next? Lindsay Lohan, getting chucked out of clubs? Must have been for refusing to quit her Words with Friends game? Charlie Sheen, losing acting roles? Yes – over his inability to put away his mobile! Mel Gibson? Screaming 10 letter words with triple word points at police officers!

Act now – save the celebs.

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