Review – Best Apps

by Tim Chow

Apps are one of the many joys of owning a smartphone. Apps range from: clever games that help you pass the time; apps that help you with everyday tasks or those really stupid ones that are funny for the first five minutes until you delete them. But with so many apps available, how do you go about finding the cream of the crop?

The Android app market continues to grow and rival Apple’s efforts. The official market for Android is decent, but finding the best app can be a challenging task. I’ve used many app directories that are specifically designed to help find other apps with many of them failing. The best out of that bunch has been Appbrain. It has easy to navigate sections that offer apps that are popular in a given time frame or sort by category for example. But I’ve found the holy grail app directory for Android recently.

It’s aptly called Best Apps. It has a section like any other directory app where you can browse by category and filter by price. But it’s the community aspect where it separates itself from others. Sometimes the best way to find an app is to look at what other people have installed.

The ‘What’s hot today’ section provides an update of what people are downloading. It’s continually refreshed and also includes user comments to allow you to judge whether you should be giving it a whirl or giving it a miss. There are two apps that are recommended each day too; one from the editor and a community choice.

It contains a handy overview of the apps on your phone. Here you can perform a range of tasks like deleting or sharing apps and sending apps to the SD card for storage. It also makes it easy to find out how much space you have on your SD card and phone storage.

Overall, it’s uncomplicated and simple interface makes it easy to find new apps. The continuous update of information and reviews from people sets this apart from its competitors.

Have you used Best Apps before? Do you have any alternatives that you would recommend? Tell us in the comments section below.

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