A Makeover For YouTube

by Liam McClure

A couple of days ago I was browsing the web and went on to YouTube to find that the site has had a major overhaul. I was instantly sceptical and could not work out why they would want to change what was a perfectly usable site. So for the past couple of days I have been digging around and having a look at what has changed.

The entire first page has been altered to focus on a profile orientated view. Having used YouTube for years I never really subscribed to any channels as I would usually have something specific I was looking for or would be able to find it in the recommended videos section. Your news feed is now made up from the channels that you are subscribed to and leads to a much more specific selection of videos. It is important to say that you can still go on and browse but that is another click and is not instantly obvious. There is also the increased connectivity of the new layout with buttons making it easy to connect your YouTube profile to Facebook and Google +.

So with these new additions you would think that people would be excited about the developments and shift from the usual YouTube setup. Well in one corner we have:

But the majority of commenters are leaning towards this:

Despite the criticism I think that the changes will lead to more engagement between users, especially for someone like me who was not a big subscriber. I think it is neat and clean with ease of use. As with anything that changes there will always be a bunch of people against change. And there will be people who look to get things set back to the way they were like this:

I think that the there are a couple of faults but in general I think that this is a good step for YouTube to develop and work on engagement. I wonder if the changes will lead to people taking more time with their content as before there was a chance that they could be found on the landing page but with that now changing and people having to subscribe to channels to get on the first page we hopefully will see an increase in quality content as people look to increase subscribers more so than before. This can’t be a bad thing, better quality? I wonder about the viral aspect of some videos too, will this make it more rare for videos to go viral as people will not be as willing to subscribe to a channel for just one video? I hope not.

Overall I am happy with the changes and think that with a couple of tweaks there will be great benefits for both YouTube and the user.

What are your thoughts on the YouTube changes? What suggestions would you make to improve the service? Is there any area that you think the changes will have a major impact? Let us know in the comments.

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