Your favourite technology of 2011

by Andrew Moir

What a year it’s been in technology. In 2011 USB 3.0 became widely available, Siri arrived in your pocket and Twitter was blamed for causing protests and riots.

But what are the gadgets and devices that made the most difference to your life over the last year? We told you all about ours, including the Kindle Fire and Razer Switchblade, then took to the Twitter, Empire Avenue and Beepl to ask you all about it. This is what you told us.
iPhone 4s

It seems that Apple’s latest phone offering was top of many people’s lists this year. The introduction of the voice commanded artificial intelligence was a big selling point for many alongside the usual phone and instant messenger features. The improved camera allows better video calls. It seems like the future is already here.

“iPhone 4S for me – Siri Rocks!!”   - Joebel Salcedo 

“Without doubt my iphone 4 – as its helped me keep in touch with my friends and family on the other side of the world, let me capture precious family moments with the camera and tons of fun playing messing around with apps etc… almost makes the ridiculous cost of the AT&T contract worth it… :)” - Matthew Stevens

Windows Phone

There are, of course, other phones on the market and the Nokia Lumia 800 has reinvigorated both the Nokia Brand and Windows as a viable mobile operating system.

    “I’m on Verizon and couldn’t get my Windows Phone until this year so that was it for me. The Hotmail, Facebook and Xbox integration was a real game changer for me personally.” - J.C. Hornbeck 

Droid Bionic

Motorola perhaps win the advert for the phone with the coolest name with their Android effort. With a 4.3 inch screen and dual core processor and 8 megapixel camera it is up there with the best of the high end smart smart phones.

    “The Droid Bionic for me!” - Jeff Lilley 

iPad 2

Apple have had a bumper year. The stylish iPad 2 is the market leader in tablets and it looks to remain that way. With a great battery life, clear screen and all the great Apple software that built the company’s reputation.

“Definitely the iPad2 for me, but only because I haven’t upgraded my iPhone yet. I imagine as soon as I get the iPhone 4S it will take top honors for me.”  - Stadia Studio

Galaxy TAB 10.1

This sexy Honeycomb tablet is perhaps the closest thing that the iPad has to a rival. Sadly, patent lawsuits between these two giants has the release of this tablet has been delayed in many territories.

“Galaxy TAB 10.1 has changed a lot about my way of doing things. I now do a lot of my work without my laptop and I stay connected with media in the evenings while sitting watching TV instead of in front of a computer.” –  Kevin Pope

What technology made a difference to your life this year? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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