Bored? Go to the toilet…

by charlottew

UK based company Captive Media has developed ‘the world’s first retrofit, networked washroom gaming system… with hands-free control’. Yes that’s right, a urinal mounted, urine-controlled gaming system for men (and women?). According to the company’s research:

The average visit time (of a urinal) for a UK male is 55 seconds – equivalent to two standard TV ad slots!

The company insisted that they have identified a gap in the market. So I know you’re thinking, how does it work?

The Captive Media System is made up of a hi-definition screen, fitted at the eye-level of an average sized man above the urinal. When a gentleman approaches the urinal the system’s game mode is activated through a patented technology system that monitors not only when the participant is near, but the direction of his ‘stream’. The game is therefore controlled by, you guessed it, the direction of urine. When the system is not in active use it can be programmed to show a variety of TV channels and advertisements. According to Captive Media the TV is also 100% water and vandal proof, good to know.

Due to the console’s popularity the company have now built an online score centre which tops scores across the UK. Participants can then share their scores through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, just to let everyone know what you’ve been up to in the toilet. You can choose from a range games including a multiple choice pub quiz which is fitted as these will likely appear in places such as pubs and bars, and a skiing challenge game.

The sensor that detects a presence is not a camera, which has become one of the most important design features of the product. It is also embedded with Windows 7 software and is powered by Intel’s Atom duel core microprocessor.

Captive Media encouraged a number of properties to take on a trail of the product where they had fantastic responses from the participating public. 27% of men admitted that they’d come to the venue just to use the gadget, 45% stayed longer at the venue just to use it and 87% told their friends about it afterwards. They have also claimed that it will generally give your washrooms an ‘uplift’ in appearance and also claims that they improve hygiene (apparently men aim better when they are concentrating, go figures).

The company are developing a gaming system for girls toilets at the moment. They have currently developed the system to play adverts and mini clips for woman to pass the time while they do their business. We’ll have to see what happens there ladies. The urinal product aims to roll out into a variety of venues in early 2012, so keep your eyes peeled..

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like great fun and actually makes a lot of sense!

Have you ever seen any seemingly ridiculous gadgets that are actually pretty cool and useful? Tell us about it, they like stuff like this.

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