Google’s new drop down bar

by Mhairi Steele

Google announced yesterday they are to get rid of the current options bar and replace it with a drop down bar.

Google’s products will now be found within the Google logo to make the website much cleaner. Google comments in their intro video to the drop down menu (see below):

“It’s time to unify, simplify and say goodbye to the navigation bar”

Some considered the current black bar to be ugly, so this should receive positive opinions. The overall aim of the re-design seems to make the site more sleek and cleaner which we all prefer.

Eddie Kessler describes the new setup as “the next stage in our redesign” which suggests that this is not the end of Google’s re-designs. This new re-design comes from a long line of recent re-designs Google has done recently including Gmail and Google Reader.

Additionally, last week we said goodbye to seven of Google’s less successful projects including Knol, Wave and Bookmarks List. Google said that this was part of their off-season spring cleaning series and we expect it to continue…

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