Christmas Shopping Guide: Gadgets and Gadget Accessories

by Margaret Kay

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (aka the hap happiest season of all) and you know what that means – PRESENTS!

Gadgets are always some of the most exciting Christmas presents to receive (and to give, I suppose). I still remember tearing the cartoon Santa wrapping paper off my Walkman and immediately being struck with a wave of pure Christmas joy. Being the owner of a Walkman instantly made me feel cooler – gadgets have that effect on people.

You can give the gift of gadget-owning happiness to someone this Christmas and feel free to use the following Christmas Shopping Guide to gadgets and gadget accessories as your inspiration:

iPad Stands –

Last weekend my Mom attempted to Skype me from her iPad (which she never uses and should really just GIVE TO ME). She kept trying to prop the iPad up against a stack of books so she could talk to me while she ate her lunch, but every time she’d set it down the volume would mysteriously switch to ‘mute.’ Despite my failed attempts to use sign language to explain that the iPad’s volume controls were being smushed as they rested on the table, she just kept doing it.

Anyway, I think I know what I’m getting her for Christmas now. iPad holders or stands are available in a range of designs, and these nifty bulb-shaped stands are my favourite.
headphone ear warmers

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Headphone Ear Warmers –

Genius. Warm ears, groovy tunes – what could be better? This gift is ideal for skiers or snowboarders who want to listen to their favourite songs (and, of course, pretend they’re filming an epic skiing documentary) as they cruise down the slopes.The fuzzy headphones are also a great secret santa gift, because they appeal to pretty much everybody.

Kindle Covers –

Even though that one Kindle advert shows that even a dog can lick the electronic book reader without it breaking, why take any chances? Kindle-owners (all of whom constantly rave about how much they love their Kindle – am I right?) can protect their favourite gadget and look stylish at the same time with a trendy Kindle cover. There are also a range of Kindle sleeves and Kindle bags out there – but I prefer the leather covers since they make it look more like an actual book.

iPod nano Watch Bands –

These watch bands are ideal for those of you who can’t handle having too many accessories. Who wants to deal with a watch and an iPod nano? People can get double the use out of their nano by sporting it as a watch when they’re not using it for music. These watch bands from iWatchz come in a range of styles (the one pictured here is “vintage”) and colours. In fact, if you’re feeling extra nice, you can buy someone a few different styles so they can match the different watches to their outfits. It’s important to note that these are designed to fit the latest version of the iPod nano and (duh) the nano isn’t included.

Arcade Game iPad Controller –

This throw-back gadget has created quite a buzz in the lead-up to Christmas. It takes you (and your iPad) back in time to the wonderful world of ’80s arcade games, complete with plastic buttons and a joystick. I found this gadget on almost every list of 2011 Christmas gadget gifts and, though I hate to be a bandwagon-jumper, I just had to include it as well.

What gadget gifts are you looking forward to giving (or getting- fingers crossed) this Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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