Apple batteries acting up

by Katelyn Chisholm

Buzz in the technical world today is about the increasingly popular iPhone 4 spontaneously combusting mid-air on a Regional Express flight in Australia. The Apple device started omitting dense smoke and a red glare before it was safely extinguished by a flight attendant.

This comes just two weeks after Apple announced a massive recall of their first generation iPod Nano, released between 2005-2006.

Turns out age affected the battery on these now-classic iPods and the majority of the models carried a battery that was deemed to have fire-causing potential- prompting the gadget mogul to ask for them back for a new one in return.

I must admit, my current iPod is a first generation Nano, and I love it. It’s a measly 2G, but it holds more than enough music for my attention span and the battery is just starting to die (no fires yet) so I’m sure I was one of only a few recall victims who was a little bit sad to part ways with my iPod. I’m sure thousands of other customers are digging out their Nano solely for the update, while they make fancy calls and watch videos on their iPhones.

Rumour has it that Apple may just replace the recalled iPods with the same generation model- maybe a generation up- not necessarily the touch-screen version that hit shop floors a few years ago. While nothing is confirmed on Apple’s recall page, recall customers may just have to wait and see what ends up at their doorstep.

iPhone battery hazard

As for the iPhone combustion issue, there is no word from Apple on a recall or a need to be concerned. CASA is investigating and has advised travellers not to carry lithium batteries during air travel, and recommends airlines limit the number of lithium batteries allowed on flights. While this event is rare, it has happened before (in air and on land) and Apple isn’t always the only culprit.

Experts say the iPhone 4s has had no reports of combustion though it may tend to overheat. Though if the 4s follows trends, we might just have to give the battery a few years’ time before deeper issues emerge.

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