Adidas miCoach settles who’s the best in your team

by Tim Chow

Football boots have developed so much in the last couple of decades. New materials and designs are now customary with every new release. When growing up, the first revolutionary boot I remember was the Predator from Adidas. With its technological ‘fins’ it was supposed to be easier to swerve the ball. But the new miCoach from Adidas is the first time real technology has been applied to boots.

In conjunction with the new Adidas F50 boots comes a tiny chip which provides a player with stats professional footballers receive. The miCoach Speed Cell chip sits snuggly into the sole of your boot and measures 360 degree movements.

Data that is measured includes average speed, maximum speed, total distance covered and number of sprints. You can finally settle the argument of who is the fastest in the team or who is the laziest. You can even compare yourself to some top class footballers such as Luiz Suarez and Lionel Messi. Your stats can also be used to create an avatar in Adidas’ mini game. The better you are, the better your in-game player is.

The chip wirelessly sends the data to an iPhone, iPod touch, Mac or PC. Compare previous training sessions or games. If you want to brag about your results it’s easy to post onto social media platforms.

It’s made tracking a players performance available to the mass market. It does cost £245 altogether, but I think it’s ideal for anyone serious about their game. It could be extremely useful for finding out what you need to improve on to take you to the next level.

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