Apps that make Christmas shopping easier

by Mhairi Steele

So Christmas is coming, we all know this. But we are all busy people – we don’t have time to go round every shop in an attempt to find the cheapest price, so let technology help you out! There are plenty of apps out there which are designed to help you with your Christmas shopping, so here are our favourites:

Online Search

Ok so this is not exactly an app, but the principle still applies. The first thing you should do when looking to start your Christmas shopping, make sure you compare prices on a number of sites online before buying anything. You could save yourself a lot of money.

Christmas Shopping List

Do you have a huge list of people to buy for and need an easier way of keeping track of it all? Get organised with the Christmas Shopping List iPhone app. You can set your budget and keep on top of how much you are spending and who you still have to buy for.


We all have them, a friend or family member who is so difficult to buy for. The GiftGen helps you with that problem. Use as an app or website, the Gift Generator asks how much you want to spend, their age band, character and gender to give you some ideas on what you can buy. It then gives you these ideas, where you can get them and where you can compare prices! The must-have Christmas ideas app!

Bar Scanner Apps

If you HAVE to leave the house, there are some barcode scanners out there which can help- RedLaser, The Find and ShopSavvy to mention a few. They allow you to look up the price of the product, where you can get it cheaper as well as reviews of the product.


Forgot your coupons and discount vouchers? No worries, mobiQpons shows you what coupons are available at what shops – perfect! To use the coupons, just show the voucher on your phone to the shop cashier and they will scan the barcode or enter the barcode number!

We hope these make Christmas shopping, just a little more bearable. If you have a Christmas shopping app tip, share it below!

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