You’re only a few handshakes away from Robert Mugabe

by Andrew Scott

First things first, without sounding too smug I want to say “I told you so” to anyone that’s already bought the Samsung Nexus. In my previous post I expressed my concerns that the nexus was merely a dummy run of Ice Cream Sandwich, to iron out software glitches before releasing the S3, sometime next year. Looks like I was right.

Today it’s a double Facebook whammy report.

Facebook have recently blown the old 6 degrees of separation theory out of the water. Back in the 60’s a social psychologist called Stanley Milgram devised an experiment to figure out the nature of the human network. He wanted to ascertain the average path length for social networks of people in the United States. The results where ground breaking, he discovered that human society was a small world network.

To me and you that means that there is a very short distance between one person and someone else anywhere in the world. Milgram’s experiment deduced there was on average only 6 degrees of separation between two complete strangers. That means you are only 6 introductions away from the Queen of England!

However in a recent experiment conducted on Facebook users, the degrees of separation have dropped to an average of 3.74. A new report has been published that explains the discoveries about the nature of the Facebook network of around 721 million members – that’s about 10% of the world population by the way.

What this means in the words of the author is:

“When considering another person in the world, a friend of your friend knows a friend of their friend.”

So hypothetically your friend Paul, is friends with John, who is friends with Emma, whose friends with Octavia, whose quite pally with the Queen of England. It’s all rather pointless in a way, but it makes the Kevin Bacon game a lot harder if you have to do it 4 step rather than 6.

In other news there are rumours of a Facebook branded phone, again.

First off why? Well the reason is Facebook may have nearly 800 million users, but it doesn’t make much money. They are looking to diversify, but I really don’t think phones are the way to go.

Rumour has it first time round, Facebook were trying to build a phone codenamed Slayer, they wanted to build a phone from scratch like Apple did, with integrated hardware and software. The trouble was, and still is, Facebook had no experience of building phones or operating systems, none, diddly squat. So the project was scrapped.

Now, if the rumours are true, the idea has been scaled back somewhat to an HTC manufactured device running Android with some Facebook sprinkled on top.they’ve scaled the name back to, to the HTC “Buffy”.

Sounds innovative doesn’t it?

How far away from Robert Mugabe do you think you are? Will a Facebook branded phone bring anything new to the table? Let us know in the comments below

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