The μWave – making zapping your food more interesting

by Tim Chow

The microwave just got better. I know what you’re thinking, ‘How can this magnificent cooking apparatus be improved?’ The revolutionary invention has been customised for today’s gadget obsessed world – with the addition of a tablet.

The device called μWave makes that unbearable wait for your food easier. The clever students behind the idea use the waiting time to provide entertainment in the form of YouTube videos.

For example, if you zap something for a minute, it will search and display a popular clip that is roughly the same length.

That’s not all. The tablet can then tweet or text to tell you your food is ready in case you decide to leave the kitchen. Not sure why you would though with hilarious clips playing.

The machine was created in two days by students and entered into the Penn University hacking competition. The reward for their innovation was $2,500. They also get to present their creation to engineers at Google in an all-expense paid trip to New York City.

I can see a whole raft of kitchen appliances being fitted with similar customisations like toasters and kettles. It’s perfect for people who have short attention spans. Now I know what to ask Santa for Christmas…

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