Future thinking

by Liam McClure

With the world of tech constantly evolving and moving forward it is interesting to think about what the companies are already working towards developing. Here we are taking a look at what the future of tech will mean for business and lifestyle.

Well it looks like the future is going to become a very personalised and seamless world where you will be able to do pretty much anything anywhere. The amount of information that will be available to gather on people and places will lead to a tailored world for the users. Have a look at this video and see what the Microsoft Office team believe the future will be shaped like.

Pretty slick if you ask me. IBM have also created a video to look towards the future of their technology. IBM believes that the amount of information that is being put out into the world will be able to give scientists much larger and accurate data sets on everything that is happening in your environment. This in turn will be used to make recommendations for you and help scientists gain an understanding of what is happening within your environment.

With a huge amount of development already placed in the smart phone market the future of you mobile may look very different to the way you imagine it. This video is having a look towards the more extreme concept ideas that may not make to the shop shelves but there looks to be some real innovation and thought being put into how we will use our gadgets in the future.

And when we look at gaming there has already been a huge shift with the introduction of Microsoft Kinect and perhaps the future will look towards other ways in which we can become immersed in our games of choice. Perhaps this is going to be the norm in the future?

What do you think that the future holds for technology? Do you think there is going to be any major changes in the way that we use our technology over the coming years?

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