Swivl: the latest in vlogging

by Katelyn Chisholm

ShayCarl, a viral YouTube vlogger and partner in the YouTube channel The Station, recently endorsed a product he’d come across in his travels a few months ago. He introduced his thousands of viewers to a new piece of technology that will change the face of vlogging.

Vloggers like Shay Carl, who are a part of YouTube’s Partner Program, receive payments from the online media company for creating content and engaging viewers online. As a result, they make hundreds of videos every year. You may recognise the arm-straight-out, talking-to-the-camera stance of a vlogger, trying to hold the camera at an appropriate distance from their face for best viewing.

California-based design firm Satarii has developed a product that will change the lives of these viral vloggers.

Satarii’s Swivl is a mobile accessory that acts as a dock for your mobile video gadget. Designed originally for the every vlogger’s accessory, the Flip cam, the Swivl now focuses on iPhones as well as the soon-to-be extinct Flip. It’s also compatible with any camera or video camera that mounts onto a tripod.

Once the video device is placed in the base, the user holds or wears a small remote control that transmits movement to the Swivl base. Every movement of the user is tracked by Swivl, as it rotates left and right, and shifts up and down. This accessory is a serious development to vlogging.

Not only will this product be useful for vloggers, but for any user wanting to create video content with ease. It will also be an asset to schools and educational programs as these technologies become more present in classrooms.

For $160, vloggers can reserve the product as they are entering the final stages of production. Swivl says the first vloggers will have their hands on these video accessories as early as 2012.

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