Are you ‘Identified’ as an ideal candidate?

by Mhairi Steele

Identified: ’the network designed to make recruiting social’.

The network is a new professional social recruitment network which rates how much you are in demand. It is basically a love-child of Facebook, LinkedIn and Klout!

The platform works out your score based on three areas:

Education Background: What you studied and where
Work Experience: Where you worked and what you did
Network: The people you know and how high their score is

The aim of the network aims to analyse to find out what companies are searching for and if there are any patterns emerging such as: ‘Are lawyer films primarily recruiting students from Cambridge?’ Users can also gain feedback what other companies think of you which should be good so that you can learn how to attract employers.
Brendan Wallace, CEO and co-founder of Identified claims:

“Identified helps companies make better recruiting decisions while also helping professionals make better career choices so they can get the jobs they want.”

There are many benefits for companies as it allows them to search potential candidates by specific requirements as well as giving employers the option to advertise jobs through TalentLink, Indeed and Simply Hired. There is no registration required, just link to your Facebook Profile and it pulls in all the information it needs. Obviously, the more information you add, the higher your score increases.
So there are some criticisms to the site, but it is a new site so it is bound to be some teathing problems! Firstly the platform is really designed for our American friends as many UK businesses and Universities do not yet feature on the network. Also only Facebook users can benefit from the site, there is no option to add your Twitter account. However I do think this is one to watch in the future.
What do you think about allowing employers to learn about you via a social networking site? Let us know!

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