Autodance: Possibly the best app in the world?

by Jenna McJenna Mc

Ok so I know that we’ve just blogged about the some of the best mobile apps last week, but forget all that because I’m about to tell you about the world’s funniest mobile app!!! Yes brace yourself because this app is going to improve your quality of life. FACT.

I know I may have built up a bit of suspense but I honestly do not think you will be disappointed. Let me just explain the concept behind the app. To promote the release of the video game Just Dance 3 the makers have created a free app which lets you record your friends doing stuff and Autodance will sync their movements into an instant dance routine. Sounds simple, but the result is a masterpiece!

It mega addictive once you autodance your friend you realise anyone/thing can autodance. The catch, I hear you ask? All your Autodance videos get uploaded to YouTube if you want to share them, which A) makes a great PR stunt for the Just Dance 3 game, but B) means you can spend the rest of your life on the JD3Autodace YouTube channel laughing at funny dancing videos.

OK so now for the fun part! Let’s check out some of the people Autodancing:

Old people:


People at work:

The rescue services?


People dressed as animals:


So yeah this app may just be a really clever marketing stunt for Just Dance 3 but I really don’t care because there is nothing funnier than watching grannies and babies moving about really fast to club tunes. . . don’t believe me? Then try the Autodance app it for yourself, I challenge you not to laugh.

And just think if the app is this much fun, imagine how much fun the actual video game is!!!


Seen any funny Autodances? Then don’t be selfish and share the link with me in the comment section!

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