YouTube takes You’ve been framed to a whole new level

by Tim Chow

Details of a partnership between video sharing website YouTube and families have been revealed. Much like the long running TV show ‘You’ve Been Framed’, funny family videos are rewarded with money. However, instead the of the poultry sum of £250 that the TV show offers, YouTube give families a chance to make thousands of pounds from their kids’ crazy capers.

We’ve all seen videos featuring kids doing something hilarious one way or another; and it’s this popularity that YouTube sees as an opportunity to make some revenue for themselves. The website which receives 800 million unique visits a month suggests advertisements are more effective with viral videos.

Uploaders are contacted and asked if they would like to join the scheme. The advertisement is then placed on the page or embedded in the video. YouTube said they monitor videos that receive a large number of views and have even developed an algorithm which can predict which videos will go viral.

Take for example, one dad who filmed his son coming home after a trip to the dentist in an anesthetised state. That video almost earned them £100,000 in its first year in 2008. Another clip, showing a baby repeatedly biting his big brothers finger, garnered more than £100,000.

Unfortunately, the criteria or minimum views need to be asked to join the partnership have not surfaced. Brace yourselves, our inboxes, Facebook and Twitter feeds could be inundated with viral videos featuring funny kids for some time to come…

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