Some of the best mobile apps!

by Mhairi Steele

As we all know mobile apps are awesome! Some are helpful, others are educational where as the rest are designed to help you waste your previous time (but we love them!). So we have pulled together a list of some our favourites…

Google Goggles

I think this is possibly the best mobile app out there on the market! It can read a foreign languages, tell you what a famous landmark is, give you information on an artwork, read wine labels AND tell you about a company from a logo! It is just plain brilliant!

Angry Birds

You know it had to be on the list! Angry Birds is the nations’ favourite, most addictive game! It involves a ridiculous storyline whereby the player has to fire a bird at a pigs fortified castle! But we love it with 300 million downloads in less than two years! So much so that it has been voted as one of Wired’s 2011 Essential Apps.

Google Sky Map

This amazing app allows you to explore the sky at night on your phone! All you have to do is point your phone at the Sky and it will show you the stars constellations and planets! If you are looking for a particular planet, it can even guide you to where it should be!

Instagram OR Camera+

Both these mobile apps are fun to use and make sure that the beautiful photos you take are made even better so you can show the world!


Is a brilliant app which helps you decide where you want to go for dinner! It works like a slot machine where is uses its GPS to work out where you are and then it looks to find you a restaurant in that area. It shows you the area you are in, different types of restaurant and the price rating. Brilliant if you are having that argument with your other half again!


Ever asked the question… I’ve seen that actor before in something, I wonder what it was? Of course you have, we all have! Well IMDb aims to help to answer that question with it’s app. It is just like the normal site, but a more compact easy to use site to answer all your film related questions.

You can find even more great apps on the Gadget Shows top 100 apps, in case you had some spare time you needed to fill!

So what did you think of our choices? Got any others you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below…

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