RIM stands by mobile Flash

by Emma Dunn

Aww, Research in Motion. Bless their little hearts. They just can’t seem to move on, can they? Despite the fact that Adobe pretty much rung the death knell for mobile Flash yesterday, the Blackberry playbook manufacturers are still standing by the newly defunct system.

According to Engadget, RIM will still develop the Flash plug-in for the Playbook tablet, saying “RIM remains committed to delivering an uncompromised Web browsing experience to our customers” (although whether Flash delivers that “uncompromised experience” is a completely different debate… but we’re treading old ground here).

A possible explanation for RIM’s decision could be that they license the entire source code for the Flash plug-in: “As an Adobe source code licensee, we will continue to work on and release our own implementations.” However, it’s hard to see why RIM are so unshakably committed to this dead system when everyone else is agreeing that HTML 5 is the future.

This news has made RIM a laughing stock of the tech world, which doesn’t help matters as they’re still reeling from the major Blackberry outage last month. Will their luck ever change? At this rate, probably not.

Do you think RIM are right to continue with mobile flash? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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