Nokia are working on a lovely new sane and calming HumanForm phone

by James Meikle

Ahh it really does ease my fragile mind when I see that some companies out there are working on sane, calming, beautiful tech. All hail Nokia for having the vision and ambition to work on the tech needed to bring the concept phone in the following video to life.

Wow… Nokia call this concept the HumanForm phone, unfortunately this video is only a concept mock-up and a prototype is still years away. But… doesn’t it just sooth your soul and melt away thoughts of cyborg armies and headless robot horses. Look at it, it’s soft, it’s bendy, it’s curvy and it’s got a lovely white/transparent colour scheme going on. I wanna touch it, caress it, dance with it, build a life with it… hmm… maybe I should calm it down with my home made anxiety drugs; I’m feeling a bit too lovely and cuddly.

As you can see from the video the ambition is to take interaction design to the next level by going way beyond conventional touch screens. Nokia want us to be able control our phones in a natural, intuitive way which would make the iPhone user interface revolution seem pale in comparison. Our Finnish friends have made some significant progress on this extra-tactile technology as you can see from the video below.

The bendy phone concept is pretty cool and I can see us really taking to flexing a phone to zoom in or out. However it’s the idea of getting away from a screen in a case that really excites me. It may sound a bit Zen, but for this concept the screen is the case. This tech, unfortunately, is a long way away and would require the use of nano-technology.

Hmm… nano-technology, that futuristic miracle science has been promising us for years. It feels like that it’s almost taken on a mystical quality. Nowadays, when a scientist is asked what kind of tech they will need in order to actually build some fantastical device, the answer usually seem to be nano-tech. If I wasn’t still happily high on my home made pharmaceuticals I might begin to suspect that the term nano-technology is actually code for magic.

Ahh well, as the drugs still haven’t worn off think I’ll go make peace with some of the tech I’ve been nasty about lately: I may groom a headless robot horse, wax an unmanned fighter jet or even hug a dead-eyed cyborg. I love you all x

What do you think of Nokia’s HumanForm concept phone? Would you like a bendy phone? Do you love me too? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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