Face Swapping Technology

by Heather McGreevy

Have you ever wished that you could look just like someone else for a day? How about wondering what it would be like if you had Brad Pitt’s jaw line? I’m pretty sure the ladies would be queuing up outside your door if you did. So here is the amazing thing, you could actually swap your modest features for that Hollywood smile but there’s one catch… you will need to stay directly in front of your computer to stay that way. Not ideal.

Face swapping technology was created by software developer Arturo Castro. With the help of Facetracker and Facetracker technology, Castro was able to construct a system which matches the contours of your eyes, nose and mouth which enables the mesh from the computer image to adjust onto your face – making you appear like your chosen celebrity.

Castro noted that by adding “colour interpolation algorithms” , he was able to get a perfect effect against his skin tone to make the image much more realistic.

It’s believed however, that the software only works well with images of real people rather than animations. Below you can see the amazing tranformation on Arturo’s face with a whole range of different celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and as well as politcal leaders like Barak Obama and business men like the late Steve Jobs. This is really amazing when you see it in action!

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