Drinkify your music with this new website

by Kaley Northcott

New apps with helpful purposes or time-wasting capabilities are unveiled online every single day. Similarly, for those of us who don’t have an iPhone and therefor don’t have access to the more innovative and creative apps out there, online versions of these apps grace the internet for our use, too. (Think Angry Birds. Thank you, Google Chrome!)

The web service I discovered today boasts being “created in 24 boozy hours” and is powered by The Echo Nest and It has yet to have an app, so keep your eye out all you iPhone owners; surely it will be coming to you next.

Drinkify is an entertaining app that pairs the music you are listening to with the perfect drink. Go to, type in any music you are listening to and the mixologist will provide a recipe for the perfect drink to match with your music. It will even scan the internet and find your friend’s local band, as long as they can be found on The Echo Nest or

Here’s what Drinkify suggests for these musicians:

Let’s go with Drinkify’s example: Johnny Cash.

4 oz Jack Daniels

4 oz honey

Stir quickly.

It seems pretty obvious for burly Johnny Cash that the Tennessee Whisky was favoured. Let’s try another one:

Bon Iver:

1 bottle Red Wine

Serve at room temperature, garnished with a twist of grapefruit.

I have to admit, when the red wine came up it made sense to me, but the twist of grapefruit makes it a little more interesting, in true Bon Iver fashion.


4 oz Vodka

Serve on the rocks with a garnish of pickled carrot sticks.

Bob Dylan:

8 oz Sipsmith Gin

8 oz Cough Syrup

Maybe Drinkify is getting a little cheeky.

Justin Bieber:

8 oz Redbull

(I assume this is because he is still underage).

Interestingly, Drinkify seems to have some research behind its programing.

What other websites or apps offer hilarious suggestions like Drinkify? tell us about them in the comments below.

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