Smart phones to smart everything

by Liam McClure

The majority of the population now owns or has access to a smart phone. I still remember the times when dumb phones were the norm and the thought of the things that are possible now would not have been believed. So what else is getting smart?

I stumbled upon the I’m watch which claims to be the first real smart watch; but what does it do exactly that makes it so smart? Well, the touch screen is probably the first giveaway that this is more than just a time piece. Through your watch you are able to take inbound calls, send text messages, Facebook, Twitter, check emails, download apps, check the weather AND tell the time. Oh, and you can also listen to music on it too. All running on the Android platform and with a lot of developments in the pipeline could the iPhone killer be a watch?

So watches are starting to smarten up, what other products are entering the smart technology realm?

What do most people do most of the time? Watch television of course! And with smart TV you can access a lot more than hundreds of channels. Smart tv allows you to access the internet through your TV. Now that is not exactly new, I remember trying to send an email through my TV years ago and it taking almost two hours to write because the controller was not designed for typing. These woes have apparently all been solved now and TV is trying to take back some of the turf that computers muscled it out of over the past few years.

Look around your home – things are going to be getting a lot smarter there soon. If you don’t have an LCD TV in your bathroom mirror you are going to be viewed as an outcast. The same can be said for smart glass, which will allow you to build a house entirely of glass and then with a flick of switch can make it go from opaque to see through, and if you don’t have a smart fridge then what is wrong with your life?

Technology is already in our homes voice recognition will be the norm in the future but it may take a bit of time to get up to this guys level.

If you could have anything “smartened” what would you choose? Have you ever used any household items that have been teched up? Let us know in the comments.
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