Xperia’s 360-degree downhill experiment

You can usually spot the ad campaign for a mobile phone from a mile away – youthful, dynamic characters enjoying an impossibly busy lifestyle, featuring 24 hours of non-stop work, parties and fun all neatly organised and documented with the help of their spectacular new tech.

As a slight side-step from this Sony Ericsson have decided to take us on a mountain biking tour through the Utah desert. Their wee experiment involved mounting six Xperia neo handsets to the front of the bicycle, linking them all together, hitting record before their chap sets-off through the rocky wilderness.

Then those brains down at the Xperia Studio pieced it all together to give us this nifty two-and-a-half minute video.

I’ve got to say, it’s pretty cool because you don’t just watch and pick the angle you want to view from – you can actually rotate the view in real-time as you watch it! Say it with me, ‘cooool’.
So here it is:

Now, I’m not going to underestimate the power of the force within the typical Nerd Insider jedi. Like me you’re probably thinking: “Yes, that’s pretty cool, but how did they do it?”
Fear not my nerdy young padawans, next up we have those clever bods at the Xperia Studio rigging-up the handsets to the bike and linking them all together, and stuff:

Ok, your training almost complete, and I have (in my humble opinion) saved the best ’til last.
So, attaching the handsets to the mountain bike required a pretty unique and precise piece of kit, therefore the best thing to do would be to build it from scratch using a 3D printer. They’ve been around since 2003, but I’m still impressed!

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