Skype offers free Wi-Fi UK-wide

by Debbie Clarke

To celebrate Internet Week Europe Skype, Mircosoft’s leading VoIP-operator, has announced that it will be offering free public Wi-Fi access to tech lovers across the UK.

Users with the latest update of Skype installed on their Macs, PCs, iPads or iPhones, will be able to access free Wi-Fi at Skype wireless hotspots until next Friday, the 11th November.

With four 15 minute sessions available to each unique Skype name, the operator feels:

The Wi-Fi hotspots will enable everyone participating in Internet Week Europe, as well as the rest of the UK, to benefit from the weeklong festival.

Now in its second year there will be a number of events taking place across the UK to mark Internet Week Europe which is being sponsored by Skype and many other major internet companies. The aim is to celebrate internet companies and organisations across Europe. The event looks set to engage an even bigger audience than it did last year.

If you want to get involved and feel like taking advantage of Skype’s free Wi-Fi you can download the WorkSnug Pro app to help you find where your nearest hotspot is.

We all love free wi-fi, right? What’ll you use your 15 minutes for? Tell us below!

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