Save your mobile after it lands in water

by Lisa Brigham

You’ve all almost done it or you have done it and lived to tell the tale….

Yes. This is a post about what to do if you drop your mobile in water… if you decide to take it for a swim, accidentally let it join you in the bath or whichever other way you happen to get it wet, here are the 7 tips you should follow to try and save your mobile after it lands in water…

Take your phone out of the water: you would be surprised how many people just stand there and stare…
Don’t stand about: panicking or contemplating the situation will result in you running around doing bizarre things to try and get your mobile back to its fully functional state. Stay calm, get moving and stick to the rest of the tips to avoid frying your phone with a bunch of harmful solutions.
Don’t switch it on and off: by repeatedly trying to switch on your mobile you will short circuit it.
Shut it down: if your mobile is still on,  switch it off once and once only. Powering down your mobile will stop the heat it creates while being on which will stop electrical reactions like short circuiting to happen.
Don’t apply heat: do not blow dry, oven bake or sun tan your mobile! Hot air is not good for your cell phone’s parts.
Take it apart: once your phone has been off for a few minutes take it apart and wipe it with a dry, absorbent paper towel and lay the parts out. Put the heavy side facing down on another set of paper towels so any other water droplets can escape.
Absorb that water: Put your mobile in a bowl of rice for 24 hours. By doing this, the excess water in and around your mobile parts will be absorbed out of the phone’s parts and into the rice. Move the parts around every so often and make sure that they are completely covered so as to ensure maximum absorption.

Watch it

If you would like to see exactly how to use rice to attempt to dry out your phone.

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