Twitter releases Twitter Stories

by Mhairi Steele

Twitter has released a new site called Twitter Stories, which shows a collection of positive stories which took place on Twitter.

The site is designed to show the world the good that Twitter can bring but is in its infancy with under 20 stories. There are some great stories on the site so we thought we’d bring a few of them, and some that are not featured, enjoy.

Mark Slavonia had tried and failed to cycle up the world’s steepest road, the Waipio Valley in Hawaii so he took to Twitter to challenge someone else to try it. He said that he would donate $10,000 to the LiveStrong charity if someone could ride up the hill, without stopping. So who replied, none other than seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong! He took up the challenge and completed it, he did say that it was the steepest hill he’d ever climbed.

A heart warming story next… Twitter helps to find a missing child. A 16 year old boy went missing in Saudi Arabia and a Twitter user posted a tweet including a hashtag of his name and an image of his face. The tweet subsequently became a Top Tweet and within 3 hours the boy was found and returned home.

A 14 year old boy in Chile has created an earthquake detection system to warn others of an incoming earthquake. It is rudimentary but it is a year ahead of the Chilean government’s own system. The domestic earthquake detection system is rigged to tweet a message just seconds before seismic activity. Since May, he has successfully detected all major earthquakes which have been felt from Santiago and he is gaining more and more followers each day!

My personal favourite story is one of kindness. Chris Strouth was seriously ill with kidney disease and needed a transplant. He tweeted “Sh*t I need a kidney”… and got one! An aquaintance, whom Chris hadn’t seen for years, replied to him offering his. Following discussing the procedure, a transplant took place and now he is healthy. He has now created a video where he talks about his story.

Twitter has previously released a similar project Twitter Tales in August last year so we are unsure why they have released Twitter Stories, but we always love to hear some positive social media stories. If you have a good Twitter story to share submit your story to @twitterstories or use the hashtag #twitterstories with a photo or video that illustrate your story and Twitter will show a selection of the best each month.

Do you know of any heart-warming stories on Twitter? Let us know in the comment section below.

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