Nokia Kinetic Device – Touchscreen Killer?

by Tim Chow

It seems a long time ago when it appeared like everyone had a Nokia mobile phone. How many people had the 3310 model? I for one did, and had a couple more Nokia models at the time after that iconic phone. Nokia have lost their market dominance as manufacturers such as Apple, HTC and Blackberry seem to be the chosen brands in today’s market. But Nokia could have something up their sleeves on reclaiming market share.

At the Nokia World event held in London, the Finnish manufacturer showcased a potentially revolutionary piece of kit that takes interaction with your gadget to a whole new level. Touchscreens have ruled not only the smartphone industry in the last few years, but gadgets in general like the iPod.

The prototype dubbed as the ‘Nokia Kinetic Device’ can be controlled through a series of twists of the device. Twisting the corners in different directions and flexing the screen in and out performs a different function like changing the volume, zooming in on a photo or selecting a menu.

My concern is it would be quite fiddly if you’re looking to perform a task quite quickly and a touchscreen would be much better for a smartphone. For example, a touchscreen would still be needed to type a text or email. It may find a suitable place in the mp3 player market as you can select and play songs with gloves on. It’s a bit of a gimmick but I think would wear off rather quickly.

However, there’s no denying that the technology is very futuristic and hats off to Nokia for producing a prototype and showing they are capable of producing innovative products still. There’s no release date and not even a suggestion this will be rolled out in future Nokia handsets. Even if
Nokia doesn’t follow through with this, someone else will, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come in the future.

Do you think this technology would be useful on a smartphone? Tell us in the comments section below?

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