6 of the craziest internet trends

by Heather McGreevy

You might have seen some of these crazy internet trends lurking around on Facebook and YouTube, one in particular that springs to mind for me is ‘planking’ – an activity which involves someone lying face down (like a plank of wood) with their arms down by their sides in the most obscure places they can think of.

Personally I find it all a little strange and a little pointless, but I suppose that is the whole idea right? Let’s take a look at 6 of the craziest internet trends that have been taking place around the world.


As I mentioned before, Planking is where you lie face down in a strange location, pretty much pretending you’re a piece of wood. Its said to have originated in the North of England and quickly spread across the globe as the phenomenon caught on. Some of the most notable planking attempts include New Zealand’s Prime Minister’s son planking on a lounge suite with his dad standing right behind him and a ‘group plank’ in Beijing with famous basketball player Dwight Howard and 100 of his fans planking together in the city.

  1. Plumbking

Plumbking, I think, is by far the least pleasant of the lot. It’s all about taking a picture of someone with their head down the toilet – yes, that’s right… down the toilet. Not quite sure I will be trying out this fad anytime soon. It takes a brave person to stick their head down a toilet and somehow manage to restrain themselves from throwing up.

This man looks a little unstable in his attempt to ‘plumbk’, however he does go the extra mile to actually flush the toilet.

  1. Owling

This one I find quite adorable (weird I know but I love owls), it basically involves setting yourself up in owl like positions, perching and looking oh so wise. Extra points to those with a little imagination and guts to do it somewhere interesting. I’d maybe recommend some safety gear if you are planning to go the whole hog and perch up a tree…much like a real owl would do.

  1. Batmanning

“Ninna ninna ninna ninna BATMAN!”

Another internet trend sweeping the nation is batmanning, where comic book fans are given another excuse to act like their favourite caped superhero. Again, inspired by the original planking craze, batmanning involves finding a spot to hang up side down like a little bat.

Although, I’m not quite sure how this really relates to Batman because I don’t recall him trying to save the world by hanging upside down, none the less it does look pretty funny! Just make sure you’ve got something nice to land on if you slip!

  1. Scarecrowing

Scarecrowing involves standing like a scarecrow behind someone, staring at them until they turn around and ultimately get one big scare! It can also involve hanging from a high level like a scarecrow. Some people like to take it the extra mile and actually dress up as a scarecrow – think Worzel Gummidge (creepy), but that’s down to personal preference when you’re taking part! Whichever way you choose to Scarecrow, this could be either highly amusing or leave someone less than impressed that you’ve given them a fright!

  1. Horsemanning

Last, but not least, on the list is horsemanning. This type of internet fad requires at least two people but I think its definitely up there as being one of the more creative trends out there. Horsemanning is inspired by a photo from the 1920s where two girls created the illusion of beheading. So, it’s all about making it appear as though you’re head is now unattached from your body and now sitting next to you!

There are many more fantastic internet trends circulating the web right now including teapotting, meerkating, frogging, blair witching and others. Some of them slightly strange and some just plain funny!

What’s your favourite internet trend so far? Let us know about any strange ones you’ve come across or tell us about your very own experiences in the comment box below.

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