Aww, Dancing Robots

by Jamie Meikle

Well folks, in the past week I’ve been in paranoid android rehab. With the help of numerous specialists, dancing robots and some hardcore anti-psychotics I’ve managed to rediscover my love of science.

I now understand that scientists are real people like you and I, and not a separate race of evil-genius monsters hell-bent on enslaving humanity.

As if to prove they actually have souls, they’ve now given us these supercool, ultra-cute little dancing robots.

These lovely little critters are known as Naos, and they’ve been designed and built by a company called Aldebaran Robotics. Aldebaran robotics create ‘humanoid robots with the aim of contributing to the well-being of humans’, a very benevolent and noble goal indeed.

The little fellas are technological marvels with a host of impressive abilities. One of the most interesting is that they are capable of walking around and moving with balance. If the robot reaches forwards it balances out its weight by bending its knees and pushing its hips back, and if they start falling over they go limp! They also have advanced sound detection and speech recognition capabilities. I bet you could even program them to faint when you make a loud noise!

For a cute little introduction to our new friend Nao check out the video bellow:

Aren’t the little guys charming, awesome and completely unthreatening? Of… course… they… are…

The flexibility of the wee robots is pretty astounding. By using a combination of their speech recognition, Wi-Fi and read-out-loud functions you could ask Nao to find an article on Wikipedia and read it to you. The infrared capabilities could be used to control home appliances like TVs, so you could have yourself a walking, talking voice-activated remote control.

Anyway I’m guessing you want to see them throwing some shapes again:

Look at them all dancing in unison, they’re so amazing, I bet they could even be programmed to… march together … or hold a gun… or even fight as a team of dead-eyed, soulless crack commando assassins.

Who knows? Maybe they can fit together and combine into one giant bad-ass killing machine with mad capoeira skills. It could gracefully dance down the street dodging missiles and kicking tanks into next week before climbing Big Ben and doing a backflip onto the houses of parliament.

Oh no, dammit I’ve cracked. They’re coming to take me away ha-haaa!

I better get to the bunker; they’ll never get in there! The hamsters will see to that, he-hee!

Would you like a Nao? What would you program it to do? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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