iGotYa iPhone app catches thief red handed

by Tim Chow

The wide variety of apps available for smartphones across all platforms is staggering. As the iPhone ad suggests ‘There’s an app for that’. Whether you want an app to pop some bubble wrap or want to measure how ugly you are, someone has already developed it. But is there an app for catching a mobile thief?

It appears so with the iGotYa! app. The idea behind the clever app is to prevent anyone gaining access to your mobile who shouldn’t. This includes friends and family, but more importantly thiefs.

The app password protects your mobile. Should the wrong password be entered, the app takes a photo of the person and sends you an email together with its current GPS location. The best thing is the person will never know the email has been sent. Genius.

The app offers a secure mode where it blocks access to your personal data such as your text messages, pictures and contacts. Users are also prevented from restarting the phone in an attempt to fool the app.

And it actually worked too. A woman from Queens in New York had her iPhone stolen. She remembered installing the app and checked her email inbox in the hope it worked – it did. The culprits face was in full shot as well as the whereabouts of the crook. The woman then proceeded to give this email to the New York Police Department who identified him.

Initially, they didn’t believe the woman. After all, the idea does seem a little farfetched. Just days later the criminal was arrested and charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

Erum Malik had her previous iPhone stolen when her toddler had possession of it whilst shopping. At least she was a little luckier this time round having installed the app.

The iGotYa app is available on jailbroken iPhones while Android has a similar app called GotYa! Face Trap! The iGotYa app only costs about £4 and a free ten day trial is available.

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