5FWD Sony HMZ-T1 3D to be released in the UK

by Lisa Brigham

Up-close and personal the latest in 3D viewing is more than a film and television fanatic’s dream… it is now a reality. Finally, an individual 3D headpiece that you can take on the go is going to be available soon in the UK.

The 5FWD Sony HMZ-T1 3D headpiece has now been launched in Japan and will be released in the UK sometime between November and December of this year.

If Sony sends us one then we could probably give you one wicked review (hint hint) but for now we’re relying on the other testimonials out there to help you make up your mind about putting it in your Christmas stocking.


It began with the idea that someone could watch 3D in the comfort of your own head. Anywhere at any time. The 5FWD Sony HMZ-T1 3D device is something we have probably all thought of but never dreamed that it could be built to work properly without blowing us up or slipping off our head repeatedly with heavy weight materials and shifty lenses.

Sony got on the wagon and release a prototype of the ultimate 3D device. Rather Star Trek looking and with proposed specs that seemed to good to be true, techies at conventions marveled at the idea but doubted that it would ever make it to market.

The Reality

The ‘hardware neutral’ device seemed to good to be true but now it has shocked the tech world by becoming a reality.

Sony’s HMZ-T1 stereoscopic 3D headset is not available for sale yet in the UK but when it is you can expect to pay a massive £799 but lets look at the pro’s of such making such a luxurious purchase …

High Contrast Image quality
Surround sound to blow your mind and your ears if you wish
There is one frame for each eye and therefore there should be no resolution reduction or cross talk
Complete feeling of immersion as the 3D experience happens centimeters from your eyes and ears
Completely configured for 3D film and gaming
It is attached to a processor but by quite a long cord so you can still sit or lie comfortably while watching great 3D films
It will be launched in the UK before Christmas so thats one good reason to treat yourself

So, are you gonna buy one? Let us know!

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