Google announces Galaxy Nexus will run Android 4.0

by Mhairi Steele

This morning in Hong Kong, Google announced their new phone; the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, will run the new software Android 4.0 when it is launched in November.

The new software, codename Ice Cream Sandwich, was created to improve the current system, using the principles of:

“Enchant me. Simplify my life. Make me awesome”. The redesign is seen throughout with an updated interface and brand new features. Here is a run-through of the main changes to the Android system:

Home Screen

There is an improved interface including ‘virtual buttons’ instead of the physical buttons and it is now easier to multi-task. Users can also easily design how their homescreen is set-up being able to change widget sizes and layouts.

Notifications and Organisation

The new updates also allows users to better control what notifications they receive and how their information is stored as a new system has been created to allow users to drag and drop short-cuts into folders.

Contact Information

Another addition to Android 4.0, is the collation of all your contact information in to a People App. Here you can view all your contacts’ information and social profiles in one place allowing you to find a person and have a variety of ways to contact them.

Android Beam

This update is a new way of sharing information between two phones. Beam allows Android users to share apps, websites, YouTube Videos etc, more easily. There is no set-up required, you just touch one NFC-enabled Nexus to another and tap to send the content.

The new software has been created to run on both smartphone and tablet form and will also be made available to existing Android users, although it is currently available to software developers.

Check out the launch video:

From the improved interface, to the brand new features, we at Nerd Insider think the Android 4.0 will be loved by many. What do you think?

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