A real life super power – x-ray vision

by Heather McGreevy

Ever dreamed of having a super power? Well now it might be possible. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology having amazingly managed to developed an early form of x-ray vision primarily allowing soldiers to see through walls.

However, it’s probably not the type of x-ray vision you might have imagined. The radar won’t allow you to see perfect images of what’s on the other side of the wall, but it will capture human movement and give you a rough indication of how many people are there and where they are positioned. Although it might not be what you expect, it’s certainly impressive to say the least.

The technology is infact constructed by a microwave rather than light signals (which are unable to travel through solid objects) or actual x-ray equipment (a highly dangerous form of radiation). The technology is currently very weak but the researchers involved in the project are confident that over time, they will be able to develop it.

Pretty cool! Take a look at the video below which shows the technology in use.

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