Razorbombing and 4 Other Examples of Amazing Viral Marketing

by Margaret Kay

In order for a viral marketing campaign to work, it should be one or more of the following: different, funny, interactive or thought-provoking. As with most things on the Internet, people won’t be bothered with anything that they’ve seen a million times before. Plus, no one likes feeling like they’re being sold to. As razorbombing continues to spread across the web, let’s take a look at it and other clever examples of viral marketing done right.

Razorbombing- Schick

After planking, owling, stocking, batmanning and coning all ran their course, Schick saw an opening in the Internet fad market and swooped in with razorbombing. Before long people across the world were taking to the streets with nothing but a razor, a camera and the desire to bring the LOLs. Oh- did I mention that the person who snaps the best razorbombing shot wins $10,000? The winner is the photo that recieves the most viral views.

Check out the razorbombing leaderboard and decide which pic you think is worthy of the prize cash money!

Will it blend? – Blendtec

The “Will it blend?” YouTube video campaign by blender company Blendtec is a painful, yet genius bit of viral marketing. Though watching a brand new iPad get churned up by the unforgiving blades of a Blendtec blender brings a tear to my eye, it does hold my attention for a few minutes which is more than can be said for most things on the Internet. Plus, watching the videos make me want to be friends with Tom Dickson, the world’s best blender nerd.

Awareness test- Transport for London

Pay close attention to this video by Transport for London. The video, which was made to promote cycler awareness on the roads, has over 13 million views since it was put up in March 2008. Ahh shucks! You got me, Transport of London, you got me good.

Old Spice Man- Old Spice

Old Spice hit the jackpot when they picked Isaiah Mustafa to star in their wonderfully ridiculous Old Spice man adverts. Though some of the commercials aired on television, the Old Spice man also personally responded to his Twitter followers through a series of exclusive online videos. Marketing execs, take note- this is how it’s done.

Check Testa- Ojai Valley Taxidermy

Believe it or not (I am not sure I do), this viral marketing sensation was completely unintentional and made without the slightest bit of irony. However, when a commercial for Ojai Valley Taxidermy hit YouTube in August of this year it turned the advert’s star, Chuck Testa, into a global celebrity. If you’re struggling to find a talented and reliable taxidermist, worry not- your prayers have been answered.

So there you have it, 5 examples of viral marketing that have stood out above the rest.

Did these viral video campaigns impress you? Which one is your favourite? Let us know your thoughts on what makes a good viral marketing campaign.

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