Five Awesome Art Apps

by Charlotte Rendall

So do you think that you are a dab hand at your iPhone? You quite possibly are but I bet you don’t have anything on this guy. Seikou Yamaoka creates digital paintings on his iPod Touch while on the train to work.

He uses the $2.99 ArtStudio app using only his fingertips by simply sliding and tapping the app to create these impressive portraits. Yamaoka starts these creations by drawing out an outline of the face and then carefully adds in strokes of colour to produce a digital art that looks like a real painting – all on a 3.5 inch screen! According to applecture his goal is to create artwork that resembles digital graphics in no way.

If you doubt the authenticity of these paintings then check out the video clip that shows you exactly how he does it. It’s pretty impressive stuff.

If you fancy making your commute to work a little more artist check out these excellent art apps for iOS.

Finger paint is a good starting point for digital artwork as its fairly simple to use. You can chose colours, size of brush and opacity with this app. You can also save them directly into your photo album and draw on photos already in your album.


This one is a bit like an Etch-a-sketch because if you shake it you can start over. Other than the shake feature you can as expected draw, paint and trace.

Anarchy Graffiti

This is a fantastic app which lets you graffiti your photos, it even has sound effects! This app won’t create masterpieces like Seikou Yamaoka but it’s great fun.


TypeDrawing is a more advanced drawing app it allows you to draw with the use of type. Basically you type in words or letters for each drawing, format the text and add background papers or photos. You can then save this directly into your album.

Even if you can’t instantly create portraits like Seikou Yamaoka art on your iPhone don’t feel deflated it’s great fun and just imagine some of the graffiti you could carry out on photos of your friends!

Are you an app artist whizz kid? Let us see your best work!

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